• 10 Unconventional Jobs which are sure to pique your interest

    • 12 Apr 2016
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    Once upon a time, a mother would look at her child and tell them to become an engineer or a doctor. Once upon a time, these two were the most promising careers that our country had to offer. But that’s not the case anymore; call it technological advancements or venturing into hereto unexplored, but the job market today has a plethora of job opportunities and career fields. All this has come to fruition because of people who have thought out of the box, made hobbies into well-paying jobs, and created a whole new field of unconventional jobs.


    Dance therapist


    Dance therapy (or movement therapy) is a form of dance that creates an environment that is therapeutic and helps heal individuals facing physical, emotional or mental problems through expressive movements. Dance therapists help their clients in overcoming a number of issues in their life simply through expression and dance.


    Wildlife Conservation


    Environmental issues as well as habitat encroachment have led to a number of career opportunities in wildlife conservation for the protection and the preservation of these animals as well as their natural habitats. If you have the verve to give back to nature, then this can be your calling.




    You might not think that it is much, but with the rise of content marketing, the demand for writers is soaring through the air.




    People have less time and more health issues these days, realities that can be attributed to high work stress and a sedentary lifestyle. As a dietician, you play an influential role in guiding people to eat right and adopt a lifestyle that will bode well for their health.

    Air Traffic Controller


    You will find people wanting to become cabin crew, and people wanting to become pilots. But an equally important role, if not more, is that of an air traffic controller. After all, the pilot may fly, but the controller tells him when and where.




    With a fast paced life and an eye for the details, a journalist can reach truly high stations of success.


    Life Coach


    Neither do we mean sports and nor do we mean tuition centers (very viable options though they are). Here we are talking about being a life coach. If you are good with people and psychology, this is a very interesting path to choose.


    Court Reporter


    Probably not the first job you would think of, but if you can write really fast, this could be the job for you.


    Fashion Designers



    We have all seen the fashion shows and we all know the huge market this job has. In fact, fashion designing is one of the few fields that have historically and continually fostered the spirit of entrepreneurship. But do remember – competition is fierce in this field.


    Graphic Designers


    The rise of digital has given rise to the need for graphic designers, those who can ideate and illustrate to give shape to a brand’s digital presence.


    If you truly do not wish to conform to a regular job with a desk and a computer, there are a lot of options for you, where you can choose to do what you like. All you have to do is break away from convention.

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