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B.Tech. in Computer Science Engineering (Lateral)

Course Details

The immense progress in the field of Computer Science has been an ever accelerating process. The Computer Science and Engineering Department was established in the year 2000 with the vision to offer Bachelor of Engineering degree in Computer Science & Engineering and impart world class education to the students. A group of well qualified, experienced and highly motivated faculty is engaged in providing quality education to the future computer engineer and keeping them abreast of the fast technological development. The Department provides state of the art computing facilities to the students with four well equipped air-conditioned computer laboratories for subjects like C and Java Programming, Computer Graphics, Database management System, Data Structures, Analysis & Design of Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence, Software Engineering and Linux & X-Windows. There are over 200 PCs equipped with core i5(2nd generation), core2duo and P-IV processors, necessary peripherals and multimedia kits. Each of the laboratories has numerous Laser Printers and Deskjet Printers, and adequate latest licensed software such as Visual Studio .Net 2003, Autocad 2000 and MS-Office Professional 2003 & 2010, Oracle 9i, SQL Server 2000, Rational Rose, etc. Sufficient systems are available for students, maintaining the prescribed PC to student’s ratio of 1:4 as per the AICTE norms. Realizing the importance of rapid advancements in the computer science & Information Technology sectors, all the laboratories have been furnished with Network Structure and their software is updated and upgraded frequently as per the requirements and demand of industry. Facility for round the clock internet access, using radio link connectivity, is also offered to all students. The computer Centre imparts regular training and encourages students in developing real life software projects. The well equipped laboratories help students to meet ever increasing technological and social challenges with its traditions of self discipline, hard work and a creative approach to solve exigent issues. In addition the Department regularly organizes a series of lectures by academicians and professionals of the highest repute, which lay stress on the latest innovative technologies in the field of Computer Science and Engineering and Information Technology.
Prof. Poonam Bansal, HOD, Professor, B.Tech, M. Tech (CSE), Ph.D. Ms. Kavita Sheoran, Reader, B.Tech.(CSE), M.Tech(IT), Pursuing Ph.D. Ms. Geetika Dhand, Reader, B.Tech.(CSE), M.Tech(IT), Pursuing Ph.D. Ms. Amita Yadav, Reader, M.Sc.(Laser Technology), M.Tech. (CSE) Ms. Koyel Datta Gupta, Reader, B.Tech.(C.S.E.),M.Tech., pursuing Ph.D. Ms. Vimal Gaur, Reader, B.Tech.(CSE), M.Tech.(IT) Ms. Savita Ahlawat, Reader, B.E.(CSE), M.Tech(IT) Ms. Shalini Jain, Assistant Professor, B.E.(CSE), M.Tech.(IS) Ms. Sapna Malik, Assistant Professor, B.E.(Computer Science), M.Tech. Ms. Vinita Rohilla, Assistant Professor, B.E.(CSE), M.Tech.(CSE), Pursuing Ph. D. Ms. Shaily Malik, Assistant Professor, B.E.(CSE), M.Tech.(CSE) Ms. Shalu, Assistant Professor, B.E.(Computer Science), M.Tech.(IT) Ms. Sonia Rathee, Assistant Professor, B.E.(Computer Sciences), M.Tech(CSE), Pursuing Ph.D. Ms. Pooja Kherwa, Assistant Professor, B.E.(Computer Science), M.Tech(I.T.) Mr. Navdeep Bohra, Assistant Professor, B.Tech.(Computer Science Honours), M.Tech. Mr. Sushil Kumar, Assistant Professor, B.Tech(IT), pursuing M.Tech. Ms. Priyanka Nandal, Assistant Professor, B.E.(CSE), M.E.(CSE) Ms. Sakshi Hooda, Assistant Professor, B.E.(CSE), M.E.(CSE) Ms. Rinky Dwivedi, Assistant Professor, B.Tech.(CSE), M.E.(CTA), pursuing Ph.D. Ms. Manju Sharma, Assistant Professor, B.E.(IT), M.Tech.(CSE), Pursuing Ph.D. Mr. Naresh Kumar, Assistant Professor, M. Tech.(CSE)

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Microsoft, Infosys, Hcl, Dell, ARICENT, CSC, VINSOL, LIBSYS, impetus