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Our Placement cell facilitates placements by actively reaching out to the Corporate World. The Department achieves this objective by having a targeted approach towards the three major stakeholders in the placement process i.e. the Students, the Companies and the University. Placements a tradition of success Placements at the South Point have witnessed participation, from some of the leading Indian as well as foreign organizations. Majors from across all the sectors have been regular visitors to the campus. The institute can boast of one of the finest placements across all universities in the country. South point prepares students for the real world and fulfilling careers. With industry representation our course continues to keep pace with real world practice making our students work-ready the moment they graduate. Student Support Services Our Career Centre provides personal career counselling, extensive career development seminars and invaluable assistance in developing one’s resumes that showcase his/her skill and experiences. Placement Process The placement department sends placement invitation letters to the companies enclosing a brief summary of the courses available at Lovely Professional University. A Placement Proforma (PFA) is required to be filled in by the company. The completed proforma along with a brief company profile, job profile and details about campus recruitment drive is sent by the company to the Placement Office. The company may visit the campus for a Pre-Placement Talk either before the selection processes or may combine it with the final recruitment. On receiving information file, the placement office announces the requirement of the company, asking interested students to submit their resumes, which are then handed over to the company. The company, after short listing candidates from the application pool and eligibility data file sent to them, sends back the list of short listed candidates to the Placement Office at the earliest. A mutually convenient date is finalized for the selection process/ recruitment drive. After completion of the selection process, the company is required to furnish the final list of selected students preferably on the same day, or as soon as possible. The company sends offer letters to the Placement Office for handing them over to the students. Offer acceptances (from the students) are received and sent to the company by the Placement Office.
In recognition of the need and importance of Internet and convenience in the field of education, SITM enjoy being hi-tech. That is why, we are proud that SITM became the first wireless campus of NCR, years before most people had even heard of the technology. SITM provides 24 hours 5 MBPS wireless internet connectivity on the campus. WIFI gives freedom to access internet services from anywhere in the campus. Each student is provided with Technology for access control/e-wallet etc. Also, all campuses are interconnected through a highly secured South Point Virtual Private Network, where over 4,000 PCs are connected to the internet through broadband connections whilst 37 hi-end servers power the South Point network. SITM library is being constantly enriched by the acquisition of latest books and journals keeping in pace with changing times, to further the advancement of the University's academic activities. The SITM takes pride in its State of the Art library infrastructure and resources. TLIC is one of the best maintained libraries amongst the business schools of Delhi- NCR region. Good quality furnished accommodation by way of 312 seats (12X1=12 single, 78X 2 = 156 Double, 48 X 3 = 144 Triple occupancy) is available for boys. An ex-service person effectively controls the hostel as its warden. Good quality furnished accommodation by way of 48 rooms on shared basis (double occupancy) and three rooms (triple occupancy) for girls. A lady warden looks after the welfare and discipline of the students. n students life extracurricular activities empower them to make their own active decisions and also help them to gain an accurate experience, skills, and confidence to lead them on the path of their future. It is truly considered that through participation in sports and different games, students learn co- operation, teamwork, leadership methods and time management. Games also help students by discovering their hidden talents, help them interact with different people and make them learn about many things outside their own environment. Well, they are also an easy and interesting way to learn appreciation for new different activities. There are some games which are considered recreational activities and they increase our mental, physical skills while enjoying the excitement of our shots. In real sense, games affect a person’s psychological state of mind which leads to excitement and brings out the feeling of one being proud for an accomplishment. It also increases our capabilities and guides us in developing a better understanding of our own-selves. Games are creative and mindful expression of the human spirit which comes out through the creation of activity that has an entertaining, flexible, instructive and competing element. It explores and test people’s skills, efforts and invites them to develop new ways in managing the obstacles which stop them for attaining the game’s goal. Games are the positive experience which helps in the strengthening of our body and mind. The college is proud to own a spacious and well-equipped fully AC auditorium Located ideally in the main building, i.e. ergonomically designed with latest audio-visual aids, ideal for lectures by Senior Executives of industry, seminars and academic activities of the students. The auditorium is the plus of the college as it hosts programmers of academic importance as well as cultural significance in addition to competitions, variety entertainment and festival celebrations. The auditorium can house an audience of up to 1000. The college has its own fleet of Buses, Vans and Cars for conveyance of staff and students from all areas mainly Delhi NCR and covering all major points of the city. Our culture is incubated and hatched in the cafeteria. Students go to the dining hall to get the food their bodies need for proper nourishment. But, food is by no means the only thing that students get at the cafeteria - they are also served with social interaction. The cafeteria is a place which some students love and which others dread. It is generally an integral part of student’s social lives from elementary school all the way into college. Why is the cafeteria so important? Because, in the cafeteria, popularity is determined, friends are made, styles and fads are born, and the current news is broadcast. Our culture is defined and passed on over meals in the dining hall. The College provides dispensary inside the campus for its students and staff member. The students feel free to visit the dispensary at any time for medical assistance. The trend of dispensary has been also extended to college staff, & for the safety of the employee.
South Point Technical Campus is an academic institution characterized by its distinguished leadership and faculty members. The aim of the administration at South Point is to achieve excellence in teaching and learning and thus make it a premier institution of its kind in the shortest possible time. To achieve this goal, the administration of the college spares no effort to hire highly qualified and motivated human resources.

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Address - NCR-DELHI, Sector – 20, Purkhas Road, Near Sugar Mill, Sonepat - 131001
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Wipro, Infosys, Hcl, Microsoft, Airtel, Ibm, Accenture, Hdfc Bank, Citi Bank, Tech Mahindra, LT, Dell, Mhindra, Godrej, Itc, Vodafone, Fortis, sap, Pepsico, Asian Paints, Tata Motors, Texas Instruments