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We at BIT have a strong conviction that training is an ongoing process & never ends & so, Soft Skills Training & Aptitude Enhancement Trainings are embedded into the academic curriculum. First year of each stream is devoted to English basics, so as to build up a foundation for further growth in the process.
In the college campus has a central library with well equipped and fully Air Conditioning. Each department has also departmental library with the Book-Bank Facility. The aim of central library is to serve the need to our faculty, students and others members of the library. It is the heart of the institution and acts a centre for collection of literature, predominantly, related to science and engineering technology, business management education and its allied subjects, user satisfaction is the current day approach to library service.
Prof. R.P Singh, Mr. R P Sharma, Mr. Ashoka Kumar, Mr. R K Singh, Mr. Samay Singh, Mr. Devanand Srivastava, Mr. Afaque, Mr. Siddharth Jain, Mr. Abdul Rehman, Mr. Sameer Ahmad, Mr. Ehtesham Anwar, Mr. Amit Kumar, Mr. Deendayal Dubey, Mr. Abhishek Singh, Ms. Shikha Tyagi, Ms. Aparajita Singh, Ms. Akansha Tiwari, Mr. Deepak Singh, Mr. Arjun Tyagi, Mr. Uzair Khan, Mr. Abhishek Kumar, Mr. Amit Mishra, Mr. Shivam Agarwal, Mohd. Kafeel, Mr. Dinesh Kumar Pandey, Mr. Krishanu Saha, Ms. Neha Goyal, Mr. Anuj Kumar, Ms. Shweta Jain, Mohd Amjad, Divyanshu Arya, Prof. Kshitiz Saxena, Mr. Vikas Kr. Jayant, Mr. Ankit Gupta, Mr. Pravin Kr. Mishra, Mr. Pankaj Rana, Mr. Shyam Bahadur Verma, Mr. Ramakant Verma, Mr. Anil Chaurasia, Mr. Om Prakash Pal, Mr. Pradeep Kr. Chauhan, Ms. Prerna Gupta, Mr. Prateek Verma, Ms. Rashmi Jain, Ms. Tanvi Jain, Mr. Hariom Agarwal, Ms. Shalini Sharma, Ms. Ankita Singh, Ms. Pooja Dubey, Ms. Anuja Srivastava, Ms. Latika, Mr. Anshul Gupta, Dr. Sanyam Agarwal, Mr. Anurag Singhal, Mr. Ashish Kumar Tayal, Mr. Amit Bindal, Mr. Neeraj Kumar, Mr. Piush Kumar Singh, Mr. Ashish Malik, Ms. Swati Singh, Ms. Mansi Rastogi, Mr. Deepak Kumar, Ms. Priyanka, Mr. Maksud Alam, Ms. Sarita Singh, Mr.Ankit Sharma, Ms. Usha Pal, Ms. Richa Sharma, Ms. Ayushi Wadhwa, Mr. Satyendra Kumar Maurya, Mr.Devendra Kumar Singh, Mr.Gaurav Singh, Mr. Arvind Raja, Mr. Vipin Jain, Dr. Mohd. Arif Khan, Mr. Amit Kr. Dash, Mr. Vivek Kumar Pandey, Mr. Dharmendra Singh Yadav, Mr. Ravindra Kumar Yadav, Mrs. Shweta Shukla, Mr. Amit Kumar Chauhan, Mr. Javed Ali, Mr. Praneydeep Rastogi, Mr. Sourav Choubey, Mr. Terli Satyanarayana, Mr. Abhinav Saxena, Mr. Puneet Kumar, Mr. Kuldeep Singh Pal, Dr. G.K. Singh, Mr. Yajuvendra Kumar, Mr. Ashish Kumar AgrawalMr. Anil Kumar, Mr. Sachin Kumar, Mr. Ankur Rajvanshi, Mr. Madhur Kumar Dubey, Mr. Gaurav Yadav, Mr. Anchal Kumar, Mr. Kapil Dev, Mr. Manu Mittal, Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Pal, Mr. Vikas Bhardwaj, Mr. Praveen Kumar Poonia, Ms. Divya Ahluwalia, Dr. Manoj Kumar Bansal, Mr.Virendra Kumar, Mr.Sudeep Tanwar, Mr.Parag Rastogi, Mr.Anubhav Sharma, Mr.Anupam Singh, Mr. G.K. Gupta, Dr. Harsh Kumar, Mr.Aman Aggarwal, Mr.Sudhanshu Gupta, Ms.Tanu Shree Gupta, Mr.Raj Kumar, Ms. Priyanka Sahu, Ms. Sheetal Tagra, Mr.Ashish Chaudhary, Mr.Aikansh Jain, Mrs. Arpita Agarwal, Prof. A.J. Ansari, Prof. Vipul Yadav, Mr. Amit Bhardwaj, Dr. Yasmeen Ansari, Mr. Sunil Yadav, Ms. Manisha Jain, Dr. Geeta Verma, Mrs. Sarika Som, Dr. Lalit Agarwal, Mrs.Neha Garg, Mrs. Urvashi Sharma, Ms Gagandeep Kaur, Prof. Vikas Mehra, Ms. Kirti Grover, Ms. Monika Barak, Prof. V. K. Sharma, Mr. Sachin Tyagi, Dr. Bhupesh Sharma, Mr. Subhrangshu Dutta, Mr. Brij Mohan Sharma, Dr. Amit Chaudhary, Dr. Anu, Mr. Dinesh Kumar Gupta, Dr. Sameksha Koul, Dr. Krishna Kumar Sharma, Dr. Sandeep Kumar Bansal, Mrs. Ritu Sharma, Mr. Sudip Saha, Mr. Ravi Dutt Sharma, Dr. Vaishali M Patil, Mr. Prasoon Kumar Saxena, Dr. Nitin Jain, Mr. Amardeep Bansal, Mr. Namit Pant, Mr. Vikash Kumar, Mr. Vivek Singh
BIT, Meerut offer Technical and Management programmes of the highest academic standards. Our programmes are designed to provide education to students who come from a wide range of educational backgrounds. The students from BIT, Meerut are adaptable to any working conditions making them EMPLOYABLE. Here, the students receive education relevant to the needs of the local and global industries. We aim at building confident effective personalities who can accept a highly charged competitive environment in a global work scenario. With the efforts of committed staff, the support of parents and ability of our students, we plan to achieve a nationally recognized reputation of excellence. We highly value the opportunities to share facilities and participate in joint activities such as the extensive academic/industry programs, cultural/art promotion and a regular interaction with the educationists/technocrats around the world. With these ongoing activities, we endeavor to improve the well being of our students in relation to their grooming and all round development to face the challenges of the fast changing environment.

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Contact Person - Mr. Deepak Sharma, 7055100530, 7055100535
Address - Bharat Institute of Technology
Email - Meerut
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Recruiting Companies

Reliance Capital, Tcs, Wipro, Accenture, Apollo Tyers, Bajaj Capital, Daffodil, Dell, Hdfc BAnk, Indian Air Force, Intas, Infosys, Jbm, L&T Infotech, Mahindra Stayam, Syntel, Dsc