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    When people love you too much there is a reason! #ProudToBeAnEngineer

    Same stands for Engineering as a career. There is a reason why it is an evergreen career option. It’s become fashionable to criticize people who hope their kids take up engineering as a profession in life. But the truth is the criticism is for the idea of influencing your child’s choice of career on the basis of market demand and not for engineering as a profession. The world will require engineers

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    • 09 Sep 2016
  • Get complete career counseling to help you select a truly rewarding career
    Get complete career counseling to help you select a truly rewarding career

    Are you confused about what course you should take up for higher studies? Are you still wondering on what are the hottest career options available for you after passing out from higher secondary school. Whether you are think of what courses you should pursue or looking to switch your jobs to do something better, you can get complete help and counselling for your career from some of the most experienced

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    • 04 Jul 2016
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    10 Unconventional Jobs which are sure to pique your interest

    Once upon a time, a mother would look at her child and tell them to become an engineer or a doctor. Once upon a time, these two were the most promising careers that our country had to offer. But that’s not the case anymore; call it technological advancements or venturing into hereto unexplored, but the job market today has a plethora of job opportunities and career fields. All this has come to fruition

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    • 12 Apr 2016
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    Skill Set Stories – The Career Counselor

    Who is a career counselor? Career counselors are not just some people you are vaguely aware of and who you meet once in a while. It is a fact that many times, people, especially students, are simply unaware of the number and types of career choices that are available today. A number of factors tend to influence your career. These include your background, personality, interests, and obviously your abilities.

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    • 11 Apr 2016
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    Pressure does not equal excellence

    Someone once said that if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid. Though mostly people think it was Einstein that said it, there isn’t much proof to support the fact. But that in no way changes the depth and meaning of what has been said. Not every child is the same and not everyone has the same inclinations or capabilities. As a

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    • 01 Apr 2016
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